Harley-Davidson® Front End Kits - Chrome

Part No: 45400006
Brand: Harley-Davidson®
Harley-Davidson® Front End Kits - Chrome

The front forks on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle set the tone for the bike and can lead the way to a full-bore custom statement. So start customizing by adding chrome where it will have the most noticeable impact on the overall look of the bike, the front end. A perfect addition during the installation of Premium Ride or Profile Low Front suspension components, this kit includes components necessary to completely chrome the front forks and includes some or all of the following (Kit components vary depending on your model): Chrome Fork Sliders, Oil Seals, Chrome Fork Axle Retainer Nut Kit, Chrome Fork Slider Drain Screw Kit, Classic Chrome Front Axle Nut Cover Kit and Chrome Upper Fork Nut Covers.