Harley-Davidson® Spectra Glo™ Led Light Pod Kit

Part No: 68000214
Brand: Harley-Davidson®
Price £103.23
Harley-Davidson® Spectra Glo™ Led Light Pod Kit

Light Pods allow you to install general lighting almost anywhere on the bike. Ground-facing pod placement provides a neon-like pool of light on the pavement, and pods hidden below the tank or behind covers reflects into chrome surfaces to double the splash of color. These compact flexible pods feature connectors that allow the lights to be chained together in longer strips or placed individually and connected by jumper wires. Each pod features 3 individual RGB LEDs, and includes a tough adhesive backing for easy placement. Begin the installation with the 6-Lamp Starter Kit, and add on with one or more 4-Lamp Expansion Kits. Starter Kit includes 6 light pods, 4 - 3" jumpers, 1 - 8" jumper and 1 - 24" jumper. Expansion Kit includes 4 light pods, 3 - 3" jumpers, and 1 - 8" jumper.

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